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New to Dance?

We hope to inspire a love for the art of dance to last lifetime! We hope that through classes with us you will see growth in the areas of expression, cooperation, self control & self-esteem. Hopefully this information will help, that we can all start off on the same page, and that it is a positive experience for everyone involved.

Embrace your child's personality. Some will like to stand back and observe before engaging in class, some may cry, and others will jump right in. All behaviors are normal and acceptable. Give your child time to get comfortable. Every little dancer is different. Don't push or make dance a negative experience and you will find they will come around in their own time.

Our #1 goal is to have fun! As we all know, our little ones can be distracted very easily. For this reason, and to ensure they get the most out of class, we ask that parents, siblings, etc. wait outside the classroom during class time. This allows for the instructor to have the best learning environment for the short amount of time we have.

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