A Letter from the Director


Thank you for viewing our web site as we begin our new dance season.

We take you and your families safety seriously that is why we have installed Heppa Filters, Use of a sani-fogger, Hand sanitizing stations, and Clorox cleaning products

We have had classes successfully since July of 2020 with the following protocol in place:

1. We ask that any student or family member who has a fever, been exposed to someone with COVID or displaying any characteristics of same to stay home.

2. Arrive at the studio through the back entrance

3. All students and anyone who has to enter the studio will need to have a mask.

4.  So we keep the number of clientele at a safe rate we have dismantled our waiting room and ask that parents either wait in their car or return when class is over

5. While waiting to enter the building, please respect the 6 ft spacing in between persons.

6. Please do not bring food into the studio

7. Please notify the studio of any COVID related issues with your family.

8. After you enter the building please proceed to the hand sanitizing station before you are directed to your classroom

If you should have any questions or need clarification on any of the above, please contact me personally.

Ms. Linda


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