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Frequently Asked Questions?

What do I wear for class?

One thing to always remember don't wear street clothes to dance. This means anything that the kids wore to school does not fit for dance.  For our younger students normally leotard, tights and dance shoes that fit their dance class. For our older students leotards, booty shorts, yoga pants with proper shoes are best. For the boys sweatpants, T shirts and correct dance shoes are best. Girls with longer hair should put it up in a pony tail or bun so if does not get in your face or become uncomfortable when you sweat.

When is tuition due? Tuition is due the 2nd of every month. If you are on auto pay that means you've filled out a form to give us permission to charge your credit card monthly. Please keep us informed of any changes in your credit card. You can also pay us by check or cash.

How long do classes run? DU operates year round when you sign up for the fall that season runs from September until June. Summer operates four weeks during the summer

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